Strong forces unite to achieve win-win results and common enlightenment

Chenguang and xiaomitao reached a strategic cooperation agreement on new retail projects


On August 31, 2021, Lu Ying, assistant general manager of Chenguang biological group, and her party held a meeting with the senior leaders of xiaomitao Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as xiaomitao) in Changsha. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Chenguang's new retail project.

At the meeting, Lu Ying introduced the historical evolution and future development prospects of Chenguang biological enterprise. Since its establishment in 2000, Chenguang has grown into one of the important enterprises in the field of plant extraction industry in the world after 21 years of intensive research and deep cultivation from an unknown plant extraction plant. In the biotechnology industry and field, Chenguang biology has achieved many world firsts and global leaders: the production and sales of capsanthin, capsicum oleoresin and lutein are the first in the world; Lutein and lycopene have American invention patents, breaking through international patent barriers; Chenguang biology has won two second prizes of national science and technology progress awards, and has become an important global supplier of natural plant extracts

As a leader in the b-end business of the global "plant extraction industry", Chenguang biology began to seek a new breakthrough in the direction of facing the new C-end retail business (end consumers). This time, we have reached a strategic cooperation with xiaomitao. With the help of xiaomitao's platform channel advantages, product promotion advantages, market resource advantages, etc., it will effectively boost the strong start of Chenguang biological's new retail business.



At the meeting, the two sides had a full discussion on the strategic cooperation details of the new retail project of Chenguang biology. Fu Jianxin, chairman of xiaomitao, made a comprehensive strategic analysis on the conclusion of this cooperation agreement: xiaomitao will fully borrow its existing resources, spare no effort to develop new channel resources, pave the shipping channel for the new retail project of Chenguang biology, and work with Chenguang biology, Strive to build a "closed-loop ecological chain of production and marketing" based on the social e-commerce model. Xiaomitao will take the existing membership system of the platform as the core, combine with the column group of "health hall" of Hunan Economic television, connect the MCN anchor resource group of Hunan Radio and television mango, and make full efforts to develop the market of new retail projects of Chenguang biology with the support of Xiangtan bonded live broadcasting base.

The signing of this cooperation agreement has laid a lot of marks for the development blueprint of the two sides to achieve strong alliance and win-win results, and also established an extraordinary cooperation road for both sides in the future