Testing Center


CCGB Testing Center has more than 60 employees, of which more than 80% are undergraduate and above, and more than 30% are engineers and above. It has a team of testing and technical teams with outstanding cooperation.

Advantage Equipment

The testing center is equipped with a time-of-flight mass spectrometer, a gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer, an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, a near-infrared analyzer, and other sophisticated analytical instruments, as well as an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer. Conventional instruments such as gas chromatographs, including Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, PE, Thermo Fisher and other international brands, with a wide range of detection capabilities such as active ingredient content, solvent residues, illegal additives, environmental pollutants, pesticide residues, etc. It can meet the ultra-trace analysis of one-billionth of a grade; the total value of instruments and equipment is more than 5,000 yuan. The supporting testing center has become a multi-dimensional technology platform including testing business, method development, standard revision and customer consultation.


Excellent testing capability

In 2010, CCGB's testing laboratory passed the national CNAS accreditation, and accumulated rich testing technology in food, food additives, agricultural products, feed, Chinese medicine, etc., and its testing ability is excellent, effectively guaranteeing the whole process from laboratory test to industrial production. The timeliness and accuracy of the data, in turn, guarantee the reliability of product quality, and can provide customers with one-stop testing technology consulting and services.


Full traceability management

CCGB has passed the ISO9001 and other four-system certifications, the US, EU and other food safety system certifications, attaches importance to the construction of traceability systems, condenses the relevant management provisions in each system, and continues to carry out traceability system construction and drills to promote the construction of the company's traceability system. Improve and help ensure the safety of the entire industry chain of food.


Trustworthy Brand

Faced with the uneven international market of plant extracts, CCGB has been operating on the principle of “integrity” for nearly 20 years, independently researching and developing a number of patents for the authenticity of plant extracts, and has established a reputation for “really real goods, looking for morning light”. The domestic and foreign counterparts and customers are highly recognized. In 2010, Chenguang trademark was awarded “China Famous Brand”.