Pilot-Prouction center

The development of CCGB Project has made the traditional “three-step” mode of small-scale test, pilot-scale test and industrial production into a solid “five-step” mode: Laboratory test to explore the process, small pilot-scale test, large pilot-scale, scale production, specialized scale production. This mode can effectively avoid the risk of blind investment in enterprise projects due to market and technology immaturity.


Under the verification function

In the “five-step” mode, the pilot-scale center undertakes the task of “one level amplification and two level amplification”. The functions of pilot-scale center include process parameter verification, equipment selection, cost measurement, product quality verification, etc.. The pilot-scale test directly determines the success or failure of the project production conversion. It plays a vital role which is up and down.


Condition and basis

The pilot-scale center was established in 2008 and covers an area of ​​630 square meters. At present, it has 20 full-time employees, of which 35% are undergraduate and above. The total value of equipment is about 20 million yuan. There are 7 pilot-scale production plant, including water soluble pigment pilot-scale plant, low temperature extraction pilot-scale plant, product crystallization and chromatographic separation pilot-scale plant, nutrition and medicinal extract test workshop, supercritical pilot-scale plant, spray formulation pilot-scale plant, etc.. The company has continuously increased its investment in the pilot-scale center and upgraded the pilot-scale plant. CCGB's goal is to build a well-equipped pilot-scale center and to be the world-class pilot-scale platform.


Function and equipment

The pilot-scale plant can meet 5-6 projects simultaneously testing. It is divided into five parts: 200 liters pilot-scale line, 500 liters pilot-scale line, multi-functional anaerobic extraction pilot-scale line, crystallization pilot-scale line and chromatographic separation pilot-scale line.
Each line basically covers the equipment required for the entire test process, includeing extraction, filtration, separation, concentration, purification and drying.
In terms of extraction function, it can complete general spray extraction, immersion extraction, ultrasonic extraction, anaerobic extraction, etc.. Product material and liquid separation equipment includes horizontal screw, dish, tube, flat plate, scraper, bag centrifuge, ceramic membrane, etc.. Concentration equipment involves nanofiltration membrane, film, falling film, molecular distillation and deodorization pot. Chromatographic separation, etc. can be used for resin column. Premixing and grinding equipment includes colloid mill, homogenizer, emulsion tank, nano grinder, etc.. Product drying equipment includes vacuum drying oven, microwave drying, dry drying, drum drying and spraying drying, etc.
At the same time, the pilot-scale center has also built a number of pilot-scale platforms such as supercritical, spray granulation and drying, emulsified preparations and microcapsules. These platforms jointly built the CCGB pilot-scale test platform system. 

Since its establishment, the pilot-scale center has completed hundreds of projects, not only serving the company, but also open to the outside world. It is also providing research and development projects pilot-scale production sample service for other research institutions and enterprises and institutions.