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Build the world's natural extracts base,

Contribute to human health!

Natural product extracts, with its safety, greenness and health, have become a promising sunrise industry.

The good raw material base, superior development environment, large-scale, low-cost production advantages and high-end research and development, quality control capabilities are the solid foundation for the development of CCGB.

The success of paprika oleoresin is only the beginning of our company . In order to adapt to the new life concept: returning to nature and paying attention to nutrition and health, we has defined our own development orientation - using biotechnology to enter the health industry and commit to contribute to human health. 

“Three Step”developing stragety

For future development, we presently are working on the resources deployment for the 3'rd Step of our routemap: 1'st Step, natural colors; 2'nd Step, expand for other plant active ingredients extraction; and based upon those advantages, the 3'rd step is for nutrition products and Chinese herbal medicine production, moving into the big health industry.

Big Health Industry

On the basis of high-quality raw materials for natural product extracts, CCGB extends the industrial level and combines the efficacy of plant extracts to develop health care products; We effectively integrates plant extraction technology and traditional Chinese medicine theory to modernize Chinese medicine extraction and build domestically influential Health care products, pharmaceuticals  industry base. We are committing to do the health care products, medicines what the people can afford.

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