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Marigold Oleoresin

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Marigold Oleoresin

Whole industry chain production mode

Marigold Oleoresin 

Ingredients: The effective component are lutein, zeaxanthin and so on.

Source:Natural pigment extracted from marigold flowers using scientific methods.

Appearance:Brown or dark brown resinous liquid

Application:The product has bright color and strong tinting strength, and is widely used in food, medicine, health care products, feed and other industries.

Category:Feed grade marigold oleoresin, food grade marigold oleoresin


The world's important marigold oleoresin production supplier


Global layout of its own raw material base

layout, at the global advantage raw material base, Chenguang has 200,000 mu of marigold flowes raw material base in Xinjiang and Yunnan, and has also established the marigold flowers planting base in India and Zambia.

Establish stable and cooperative relations with the Corps, suppliers, local governments, and farmers to ensure the stability of raw material supply and industrial chain.

Innovative purchase mode, reduce purchase costs, according to the content of the acquisition, improve the unit output and content of fresh flowers.

Large-scale, continuous, automated production model

Chenguang has many continuous, large-scale and automated processing lines in China, with large processing capacity.

The company has equipment manufacturing company in Yingkou, China, with independent innovation, continuous equipment transformation, and control content according to the whole process, with high production yield and low processing cost.

Reliable quality control

In Chenguang, we have a team of high skilled inspectors, advanced testing equipment and a complete quality inspection system.

High-level testing centers escort the production of quality products.

Quality service and sales

Chenguang has a professional sales team of various categories and a constantly improving dealer sales system model.

We endorse the industry status and brand value, adhere to the concept of customer-centric, profit to customers, and integrity management.

We adhere to the core cultural concept of "developing with you" and win-win with customers.

Marigold Oleoresin


Marigold Oleoresin ≥100g/KG 



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