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Cumin Oleoresin

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Cumin Oleoresin

Top level cumin origin from Xinjiang

Ginger Extract

Production process: Supercritical CO2 extraction.

Main ingredients: P-Isopropylbenzaldehyde, anisaldehyde etc

Technical Parameters: Volatile ≥ 30%.

Application standard: National standard of Food Fragrance: GB30616-2014.

Shelf life: Store in a cool, dry place for 18 months.

 Chenguang Biotech Group Co.,Ltd source top level cumin origin from Xinjiang as raw material, to produce cumin oleoresin. The product is of yellowish-green or dark-brown oil-soluble liquid, with strong unique cumin aroma and flavor.

Applications: It can be added in an appropriate dosages according to final production requirements, to bring unique cumin aroma, widely used in meat food, snack food, instant noodles, restaurant cuisine, as well as salty fragrance, frozen food, sea food etc.

The reference dosages: 0.01-0.5 %.

High quality raw materials,Stable supplying

Chenguang Biotech Group Co.,Ltd source ginger origin from Yunnan Luo Ping ,which flavor and aroma make it outstanding in the food processing industry widely, as well as owning high gingerol and volatile,suitable for extraction producing good quality extract .

Advantages on the price

Chenguang Biotech Group Co.,Ltd itself own 2 sets of 1500Lx3 supercritical CO2 extraction equipment, available to perform multiple products manufacturing in large-scale, greatly improved utilization of production equipment,significantly shorten processing time, reduce processing costs, so that Chenguang can offer very high performance products by a competitive p

Cumin Oleoresin

Product specifications:

Ginger Extract   volatile ≥90 %



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