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Capsicum Oleoresin

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Capsicum Oleoresin

Using high quality Indian chili as raw material

Capsicum oleoresin

Components: Capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin and nordihydrocapsaicin etc.

Source: use high quality chili as raw material and adopt scientific method through the extraction, separation, refining process.

Type: Capsicum oleoresin OS; Capsicum oleoresin WS; Decolor capsicum oleoresin OS, Decolor capsicum oleoresin WS, Capsicum oleoresin powder.

Appearance: Oily liquid or powder, good fluidity and solubility.

Application: With pure and pungent flavor of chili, the product is widely used in pickling vegetables, pickling edible fungi and algae, dried beans, dried beans remanufactured products, new soybean products, cooking or fried aquatic products, compound seasonings, puffed food, etc. Please refer to GB2760 for specific application and dosage in China.


Important manufacturer and supplier of capsicum oleoresin in the world

Usinging Indian high quality chili as raw material

Worldwide advanced raw material base layout and set up branches in India.

Controlling from the chili planting stage, the whole process of product quality can be controlled and traceable, ensuring the quality of raw materials.

In the raw material producing areas of India, we have creative purchasing mode, purchased chili as per capsaicin, and directly purchased in our plant from farmers to reduce the purchasing cost.

Continuous, large-scale and automated manufacturing 

Through independent innovation, we set up continuous, large-scale, automatic processing lines.

CCGB has an equipment manufacturing company in Yingkou, China, which continuously transforms the equipment and controls the whole process according to the content, with high production rate and low processing cost.

Capacity of chilly processing line in Indian Chenguang can reach to 600 tons per day.

Reliable Quality Control

CCGB has highly qualified testing team, advanced testing equipment and sound quality testing system.

High - level testing center ensures the product quality.

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Service and Sales

CCGB has a professional sales team in various categories and a constantly improving dealer sales system.

We take the industry position and brand as the endorsement, adhere to the philosophy of customer-oriented, providing more benefit to the customer and integrity management.

We adhere to the core cultural concept of "developing with you", and create a win-win with customers.

Capsicum Oleoresin


Capsicum Oleoresin

O/S 0.5million shu-6million shu

Capsicum Oleoresin

W/S 0.5million shu-2million shu

Decolor Capsicum Oleoresin

0.6million shu-1.5million shu



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