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Lutein Crystal

Lutein Crystal is obtained from Marigold flower by fermentation, pelleting, extraction, saponification of crystallization and drying, tangerine colour and free state lutein, water-insoluble. It is an effective nutrient for the prevention of age-related macular degeneration and plays an important role in human eye health. It is mainly used in medicine and health care, cosmetics, food additives and other fields.

Lutein Oil

With lutein crystal as raw material, Lutein Oil is an orange liquid made from lutein crystal and self-producing safflower seed oil by homogenizing and emulsifying process. It is mainly used in soft capsule products.

Lutein Beadlets

With lutein crystal, emulsifier, wall material and other auxiliary materials as raw material, Lutein Beadlets is embedded by fluidized bed starch technology, with good stability, mainly used in tablet or capsule products.

Water-soluble Lutein

Water-soluble Lutein is a water-dispersed powder product made from lutein crystals by CCGB's unique technology, widely used in solid and liquid beverages, dairy products, food and other fields.

Chenguang Biotech

World’s important lutein production supplier

Global layout of own raw material base

We plant 13,500 hectare marigold throughout Xinjiang Province, Yunnan Province, India and Zambia. The development patterns of "Company + Base + Acquisition station + Farmers" orders promote farmers large-scale planting, intensive management.

Large-scale, continuous, and automated production models

Chenguang Biotech has a self-developed continuous countercurrent extraction equipment, with a daily input of 30 tons, which can provide customers with a stable supply of goods

Reliable Quality Control

We have a high-quality team of testing personnel, advanced testing equipment, and a comprehensive quality testing system.

A quality management system for the entire industrial chain has been established to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality, and product exports comply with US, EU, Japanese, and Korean standards.

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Lutein Crystal  75%HPLC  80%UV/HPLC
Lutein Powder
Lutein Oil  20%HPLC
Lutein Beadlets  5% 10%HPLC
Water-soluble Lutein  5%HPLC


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