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Cottonseed Oil

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Frying and cooking, good taste

Cottonseed oil

Refined cottonseed oil is usually orange or brown, Its fatty acids contain palmitic acid 21.6-24.8%, stearic acid 1.9-2.4%, arachidic acid 0-0.1%, oleic acid 18.0-30.7% and linoleic acid 44.9-55.0%, Refined cottonseed oil removes gossypol and other toxic substances and is available for human consumption. It contains a large amount of fatty acids, phytosterol, vitamin E and other beneficial components, Linoleic acid is particularly high in content, the body absorption rate of 98%.

Range of application

Packed oil, Used for frying、cooking;

Further refining to produce high-end oils;

Feed, pharmacy,auxiliary chemicals

The silk road ChenGuang small packed cottonseed oil

Pure taste, rich cottonseed scent

Home cooking, frying, kitchen preferred oil; All the indexs are in line with the national standards and higher than the national standards;

Easy to color, resistance to fry,taste good

Rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, good for health

Qualified supplier for university canteen and large enterprises;

The silk road ChenGuang bulk cottonseed oil

Adopt the self-developed fully automatic mixed oil refining process;

All the indexs are in line with the national standards and higher than the national standards;

Further refining can achieve red color less than 1 ,used for high-end oil;

Ample supply, processing cottonseed 400,000 tons annually, the output of cottonseed oil is about 50,000 tons;

Qualified supplier of well-known domestic enterprises;

Cottonseed oil

Product specifications:

cottonseed oil   5L 20L and in bulk


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