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Dephenolized cottonseed protein

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Dephenolized cottonseed protein

Removing gossypol Low temperature process

Dephenolized cottonseed protein

Due to the application of new technology, The dephenolized cottonseed protein not only removes the gossypol toxin, but also protects the effective nutrients in the product by low temperature process The yellow color and delicious palatability provide new high-quality feed protein for feed and breeding enterprises. As a substitute of soybean meal and fish meal, it is Widely used in breeding livestock, poultry, ruminant and aquatic products. The crude protein content of feed dephenolized cottonseed protein was 50%, 55% and 60% respectively, and the total amino acids accounted for more than 87.0% of the crude protein.

Nutrition Characteristics

According to the toxicological and toxic effects of gossypol, the protein agency of the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations stipulates that the gossypol content in the cottonseed cake is less than 0.065%. The world health organization stipulates gossypol less than 0.04%; The food and drug administration limits the amount of gossypol standard for eating cottonseed protein to 0.045%. The content of gossypol in the feed standard in Taiwan province of China shall not exceed 0.045%. The gossypol content of dephenolized cottonseed protein less than 0.04% meets the international standard for food, and can be used as human food.

Dephenolized cottonseed protein has high nutritional value and abundant trace elements, including 0.26% calcium, 1.04% magnesium, 0.028% iron, 1.96% potassium, 0.019% sodium, 1.55% phosphorus, 1.74% sulfate, 0.0028% soluble iron, 0.55% soluble magnesium, 0.88% soluble phosphorus and 0.19% soluble sulfur.

Advantages of feed application

The crude protein content of dephenolized cottonseed protein exceeds 50%, with good amino acid composition, high digestion utilization rate and sufficient supply

Dephenolic cottonseed protein has the same metabolic energy level as soybean meal. The analysis report of  national feed quality inspection center indicated that chenguang dephenolized cottonseed protein amino acid total proportion of crude protein is generally more than 87% with little non-protein nitrogen. The moisture content of dephenolized cottonseed protein is less than 8% which is resistant to mildew and easier to preserve.

The process of dephenolic cottonseed protein can effectively remove gossypol, improve the safety of use, and expand the scope of application.

The advanced processing technology ensured the stability of product quality, only stable raw materials can produce good quality feed.

Application of poultry feed

Cottonseed protein can improve the production performance of broilers and layers.

The amount of cottonseed protein in broiler feed can be controlled between 10% and 12%.

The amount of cottonseed protein in layer feed can be controlled between 8% and 15%.

It is generally recommended to use together with the feed grade lutein, adding 2% lutein 0.5-2kg per ton to make the yolk even more yellow

Application of pig feed

Cottonseed protein can improve the performance of piglets without affecting feed intake.

Cottonseed protein should be controlled between 7% and 10% in the dietary formula of piglets.

The amount of feed for growing and fattening pigs should exceed 10%.

Application of ruminant feed

As a kind of high quality protein feed, dephenolized cottonseed protein has high crude protein content. The quality of crude protein is good, the amino acids has rich content and balanced structure. The content of non - degraded protein in rumen was high which improved the utilization rate of protein. Dephenolized cottonseed protein completely remove the gossypol and has high fat removal rate and high feeding safety

Application of aquatic products

The addition of dephenolized cottonseed protein in aquatic products can replace fish meal in different aquatic animal feeds. Attention should be paid to the balance of restricted amino acids during the substitution. Use amount should be appropriate, it should be controlled in 15% ~ 25% when  it add to the aquatic material

The 60% cottonseed protein produced through finishing is widely used by many aquatic material enterprises due to its high cost performance and excellent quality, and is gradually promoted and applied to medium and small customers and pig material.

Dephenolized cottonseed protein


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Dephenolized cottonseed protein   50KG PER BAG


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