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Natural product extract, with its safety, green and health, has become a sunrise industry with broad prospects.
Broad raw material base, superior development environment, large-scale and low-cost production advantages and high-end R & D and quality control capabilities are the solid foundation for CCGB to achieve great development.
The success of capsanthin products is only the beginning of CCGB's development. To adapt to the life concept of returning to nature and paying attention to nutrition and health in the new era, the company has made clear its own development positioning - to use biotechnology to enter the health industry, and is committed to contributing to human health!

Development Strategy 

First, the production and sales of capsanthin will be the first in the world, and the company will be listed;
The second step is to make ten or so world's first or leading products and build the world's natural extract industrial base;
The third step is to expand and strengthen health care products, traditional Chinese medicine extraction and other major health industries to contribute to human health.


Since 2008, the production and sales of capsanthin of CCGB have accounted for more than 50% of the global market demand. The company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem in 2010, and the first step of the strategy has been achieved.
At present, the production and sales of CCGB's chili paprika, chili oleoresin and lutein have occupied an important share of the global market. The production and sales of a large number of natural extract products such as stevioside, lycopene and grape seed extract are growing in large quantities. The second step of the company's strategy is just around the corner.

Health Industry 

On the basis of making high-quality raw materials of natural product extracts, the company extends and upgrades the industrial level, and develops health products in combination with the efficacy of plant extracts; Effectively integrate plant extraction technology and traditional Chinese medicine theory, realize the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine extraction, and build a large health industry base of influential health products and drugs in China. CCGB should be a truly effective health products and drugs that people can afford to eat.