R & D Center

Instrument and equipment 
After more than ten years of development, the R & D center has become the first provincial engineering technology research center in the industry, forming a technological innovation system integrating R & D, testing and achievement transformation.
Chenguang's R & D center has a total investment of more than 50 million yuan in analytical instruments. The main instruments include quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph, electronic nose, etc. The pilot equipment includes ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction, steam distillation, nano-grinding, homogenizer, membrane filtration, spray drying, vacuum drying and other equipment, which can meet the unit operation of regular plant extraction technology.
achievements of scientific and technological work
1. It has won 77 national, provincial and municipal science and technology related awards, including 2 national science and technology progress awards, 62 science and technology progress awards such as the first prize of science and technology progress award of China Light Industry Federation and the first prize of science and technology progress award of Hebei Province, 2 technological invention awards such as the first prize of technology invention of China Light Industry Federation, 8 patent awards, 1 outstanding contribution award of Hebei Province and 2 outstanding contribution award of Handan city;
2.90 science and technology projects have been approved, including 24 national science and technology projects such as the national science and technology support plan, the national torch plan and the national key new product plan, 42 provincial and ministerial science and technology projects such as key projects of Hebei science and technology support plan and key patent industrialization projects of Hebei Province, and 22 municipal projects such as science and technology support projects of Handan science and technology research and development plan;
3. There are 26 scientific and technological platforms, including 6 national-level platforms such as the National Enterprise Technology Center and Postdoctoral Research Workstation, Hebei Natural Pigment Engineering Technology Innovation Center, Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, International Science and Technology Cooperation Demonstration Enterprise, Hebei Province Integration There are 16 provincial and ministerial platforms such as public service demonstration platform, and 4 municipal platforms such as Handan Cottonseed Comprehensive Processing Engineering Technology Research Center and Handan Natural Pigment Science Popularization Base;
4.43 items of scientific and technological achievements have been identified, including 16 items of "international leading" such as "large-scale complete production equipment for extraction and separation of pepper natural products", 13 items of "international advanced" such as "lutein industrial production technology", and 14 items of "domestic leading" such as "red rice red industrial production technology";
5. Up to now, the company has accumulated 631 global patent applications and 413 global patent authorizations (including 35 overseas patents, mainly in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Mexico, Zambia, etc.);
6. Submitted 444 papers and published 264;
7. Cooperate with the United States Pharmacopoeia Commission to develop Capsicum Red FCC standards and Capsicum Oleoresin USP standards. Participate in chili red and other 77 international standards, national standards, industry standards, group standards. Among them, 59 standards have been promulgated and implemented, and 4 national standards, such as chili red, red rice red, chili oleoresin and purple grass red, have been written for our company;
8. It has obtained 29 administrative licenses for new varieties of food additives and 1 administrative license for new feed additives.
foreign cooperation
cooperation mode
Adhering to the guiding principle of "win-win cooperation", Chenguang Biology and domestic universities, research institutions and well-known enterprises actively carry out forward-looking and high-level scientific research cooperation and exchanges through flexible and diverse cooperation modes such as joint research institutions, framework cooperation, entrusted research and development, joint research and development, and establishment of cooperative research funds, aiming to improve the scientific research level of Chenguang Biology and train more outstanding talents with innovative ability together with all walks of life, so as to enhance the international influence and popularity of Chenguang biology.
Cooperation Unit
International:UC Davis, University of Mississippi Natural Products Research Center, Purdue University, Okayama University in Japan, SRM University in India, York University in the United Kingdom, etc;
Domestic:Peking University School of Pharmacy, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Hebei Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, Tianjin University, Northwest A & F University, Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University and other universities (in alphabetical order Arranged).
Long term planning 
Chenguang Bio aims to build a world-leading R & D center for plants. The existing R & D center has a construction area of 4500 square meters. Currently, R & D centers have been established in Handan and Tengchong. Handan R & D Center has 5 floors with a total construction area of 7355 square meters. The building has an open experimental area and a precision instrument room to meet the needs of daily research and development and product testing. Small-scale test equipment area, raw material storage room and cold storage can meet the needs of small-scale test, raw material and product storage. Terminal product research room, sensory evaluation room, physical property analysis room, etc. are used for research and development of health products, food, special medical food and cosmetics; the construction of animal room, microbiology laboratory, positive control room, cell culture room and supporting physical and chemical laboratory can meet the needs of terminal product efficacy evaluation.
We uphold the open, cooperative and win-win development attitude, and hope to establish various forms of cooperation with more industry experts. Please pay attention to and support the development of the industry, and pay attention to and support the cause of Chenguang.