Pilot Center

The development of Chenguang biological project has made the traditional "three-step" mode of small-scale test, pilot test and industrial production into a solid "five-step" mode: laboratory small-scale test exploration process, small-scale test, large-scale test, large-scale production and specialized scale production. It can effectively avoid the risk of blind investment in enterprise projects due to immature market and technology.
Verification function of connecting the preceding and the following
In the "five-step" mode, the pilot test center undertakes the task of "first-level amplification and second-level amplification. The pilot scale-up plays the functions of process parameter verification, equipment selection, cost estimation, product quality verification, etc. The success or failure of the pilot scale-up directly determines the success or failure of the project production transformation.
condition and foundation
The pilot center was established in 2008, covering an area of 630 square meters and with a total equipment value of about 17 million yuan. It has 7 pilot production lines, including oil-soluble pigment pilot workshop, water-soluble pigment pilot workshop, low-temperature extraction pilot workshop, product crystallization and chromatographic separation pilot workshop, nutrition and medicinal extract pilot workshop, supercritical pilot workshop and spray preparation pilot workshop. The company continues to increase investment in the pilot center, and the pilot equipment upgrade and improve. Chenguang's goal is to build a well-equipped pilot center and a pilot platform of the world's advanced level.
Function and equipment
The pilot plant is divided into six parts: amplification pilot line, 200-litre pilot line, 500-litre pilot line, multifunctional anaerobic extraction pilot line, crystallization pilot line and spray preparation line, which can meet the simultaneous pilot tests of 5-6 projects.
Each line basically covers the equipment required for the entire test process of extraction, filtration, separation, concentration, purification and drying.
In terms of extraction function, it can complete general spray extraction, immersion extraction, ultrasonic extraction, oxygen-free extraction, etc. In terms of product material-liquid separation function, horizontal screw, dish, tube, flat plate, scraper, bag-pulling centrifuge, ceramic membrane, etc. can be used for separation. Concentration equipment includes: nanofiltration membrane, thin film, falling film, molecular distillation and deodorization pot, etc. In terms of product refinement, resin column, chromatographic separation, etc. can be used; premixing and grinding equipment includes colloid mill, homogenizer, emulsifying tank, nano grinding machine, etc.; product drying includes vacuum drying oven, microwave drying, rake drying, drum drying and spray drying.
At the same time, the pilot center also has a number of pilot platforms such as supercritical, spray granulation drying, emulsifying preparations, and microcapsules. These platforms together to build the Chenguang biological pilot platform system.
Since its establishment, the pilot test center has successively completed hundreds of large and small projects of the company. It not only serves the company, but also opens to the outside world. It can provide other scientific research institutions and enterprises and institutions with the service of pilot test and trial production of R & D projects.