Developing with you  —— CCGB Core Value

Shareholders, customers, suppliers and partners, employees and society all benefit from the company's development and maximize multiple benefits. At the same time, we will keep pace with the times and achieve win-win cooperation.

CCGB & Employees

The company is closely related to the vital interests of each employee. The employees work actively not only for the company's development, but also for their own future. The company respects employees, protects employees' rights and interests, and builds a platform suitable for each employee's own development. The process of enterprise progress is also the process of employee improvement!

CCGB & Customers/Partners

While developing, CCGB strives for excellence and continuously provides customers/partners with products that exceed quality. For the sake of customers/partners, CCGB adhere to the win-win cooperation and achieves common and eternal development. 

CCGB & Society
With the "One Belt One Road" initiative

CCGB is actively responding to national initiatives and implementing the “Agriculture Going Global” strategy;

Established factories in India and Zambia to develop planting bases;

Actively promote international economic, cultural and technological exchanges and cooperation;

Industrial Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization

As a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, CCGB actively plays a leading role in demonstration;

In Xinjiang and Hebei Province, CCGB develops plant base, adjusts local agricultural structure, and increases farmers' income;

CCGB drives 300,000 farmers to increase their income by nearly 2 billion yuan each year;

Donation in Education

CCGB is very focused on the development of education;

We established a "Chenguang Scholarship" and set up a teaching reform base to support poor students;

Over the years, our donations in education have reached more than one million RMB.

Environmental Protection& Circular Economy

CCGB is very concerned about the comprehensive utilization of environmental protection and resources;

CCGB is adhering to the circular economy, using every part of the plant to do the natural extraction.

Through the concept innovation and technological innovation, we have realized the "zero" cost of lycopene and grape seed extract production;