Chenguang Group Company held the "2022 celebrating New Year's day and welcoming new year" competition

On December 26, the wind was cold and the temperature suddenly fell to minus 11 degrees. However, the basketball court in the south yard of Chenguang biological group is bustling, with more than 200 employees gathered here to participate in the annual New Year's day competition.




8: At 30, the competition officially began, and the participating employees of all departments were in high spirits and high morale. The first is the tug of war in the new year's Day reserve event. There are 7 teams in the men's group, 5 women, and 10 members in each team. After intense competition, the stevia division team finally won the first place in the men's tug of war, the Handan protein company team won the second place, and the pigment nutrition division team won the third place. In the women's tug of war, Handan protein company easily won the championship, and the joint team of R & D department and spice business department won the second place.

There are 7 teams participating in the "many people and many feet" competition, with 7 people from each team. Finally, the R & D team won the first place, the pigment nutrition team won the second place, and the stevia business team won the third place.



In the interesting team project of "Pearl travels thousands of miles", the representative team of spice business division won the first place, the representative team of pigment nutrition business division won the second place, and the representative team of Stevia business division won the third place.